About Us

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that everyone DESERVES to be spoiled - with a little (or big) sparkle.
We believe that every customer deserves a boutique shopping experience.
We believe that trust is built over time - Daniel and Theo have been doing business together for 25+ years and officially joined forces in 2017.

About Us

At LeoDaniels we are a family owned business and a team of diamond and jewelry experts who bring to you the unsurpassed quality and design at the absolute best value. When shopping with LeoDaniels, you can pamper yourself with affordable rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets in your price range.  We have a beautiful selection of gold, diamonds, tennis bracelets, bangle bracelets, engagement rings and watched that won’t break the bank.  Our Springs Line offers beautiful sterling silver 14kt gold accented jewelry with genuine gemstones.  You can complete your shopping list with LeoDaniels for your loved ones with quality timeless jewelry that will be cherished for years by you and future generations.

LeoDaniels brings the trust and confidence of the traditional jeweler-customer relationship to you online.  Shopping online for jewelry adds tremendous value via access to more diamonds and jewelry without the overhead price brick and mortar stores incur.  Online shopping is easy (you can browse from the comfort of your couch), all the while knowing you are in trusted hands with LeoDaniels -- our 50+ years of diamond manufacturing experience makes it a no-brainer.  From the initial purchase of the rough stones to the cutting into polished diamonds, we bring our expertise and craftsmanship directly to the customer. To make the decision even easier, we offer free and easy returns to guarantee that you will always get the perfect piece.

Always late?  Give yourself or a loved one a gentle reminder with a watch from our huge selection of exquisite watches.

Our Journey

In 1984, Daniel founded a jewelry manufacturing and wholesale business in Minnesota. Over the next two decades, Daniel built the business into a very successful venture, supplying the Midwest with beautiful jewelry. Daniel’s business became synonymous with trust, quality and value. He loves to say, “jewelry is the only luxury item that retains its beauty and value.”

In June of 2016 at one of the largest jewelry shows of the year, Daniel met up with Leo, his son in the watch industry, to discuss business. Over dinner, Daniel told Leo how he was looking for a new business model because traditional retail was shifting online. Leo suggested they should join forces and offer customers jewelry and watches, thus the father son partnership developed and LeoDaniels was born!

In early 2017, Daniel called Leo to inform him that his diamond vendor, Theo, was looking for a way into the e-commerce market. Realizing this would enable LeoDaniels to offer diamonds and diamond jewelry at unparalleled discounts they seized the opportunity and added a third partner, Theo.

Theo began his career as a diamond cutter in the early 60s, at the age of 14. Despite his young age, he amazed his father and his boss and mastered the art of diamond cutting very early on, making him a top employee. By 1976, Theo decided his time had come and started his own diamond manufacturing business, with the help of his old boss. Over the last 50+ years, Theo has become known as an expert in the field of diamond manufacturing and knows how to assess the potential and value of rough diamonds like few other in the world. Theo is considered one of the preeminent experts in the Diamond Exchange and sits on the Bursa Board of Directors.

This partnership not only gives LeoDaniels customers access to diamonds at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, but also unique access to over 50 years of diamond manufacturing experience. From the initial purchase of the rough stones and to the meticulous process of assessment and cutting into polished diamonds of the highest craftsmanship, Theo’s expertise brings the manufacturer directly to the customer.  His experience combined with Daniel’s ability to design and carefully curate stones and Leo’s e-commerce expertise make a winning combination.

When asked why Theo’s name is not part of the website, Theo always says “TheoLeoDaniels just sounds ridiculous.”